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Yuan Qingbai Splashed Lidded Ewer
Yuan pale ash glazed lidded ewer with brown iron spots as decoration with a Chilong moulded to be the handle. Excellent ovoid rounded body with a ...
Catherine Hunt Oriental Antiques
Tang or Five Dynasty Xing Conical Bowl
Chinese 9th or 10th white glazed small conical bowl - the type often referred to as Xing. made at the end of the Tang Dynasty or early Five Dynast...
Catherine Hunt Oriental Antiques
Song Qingbai Lidded box
Chinese Song Qingbai round lidded box with original lid. The box is moulded to the top of the lid and the sides. to the top thee is a light mould...
Catherine Hunt Oriental Antiques
Yuan Blue and White Round Jar
Yuan Blue and White beaded rounded jar rare larger size than the slightly more common ones. The design shows beads of applied 'pearls of beads' ma...
Catherine Hunt Oriental Antiques
Ming Longquan celadon bowl 14th/15th century
Ming celadon deep bowl thickly potted with excellent thick deep green glaze and incised and moulded decoration. The deep rounded sides are incis...
Catherine Hunt Oriental Antiques
Northern Song Yaozhou Pottery Whistle made as a Toy
Northern Song stoneware whistle modelled as a bird from the Yaozhou kiln, probably more as a toy than a practical piece. Excellent modelling of t...
Catherine Hunt Oriental Antiques
19th Century Achromatic Refracting Table Telescope
An early 19th century Achromatic Refracting Table Telescope with a slightly tapering brass tube by "W&S Jones, 30 Holborn, London". Standing on...