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Ming Dynasty Terracotta Funerary Table from China, 15th-16th Century.
A rare Ming dynasty terracotta funerary table from 15th-16th century China. This table was made with terracotta during the Ming Dynasty and display...
Roy Precious - Antiques & Fine Art
Dendy Sadler, The Royal and Ancient
Golf print 'The Royal and Ancient' after Dendy Sadler. A good oak framed artist proof golf etching by James Dobie after the painting by Dendy Sadl...
Manfred Schotten Antiques
Terracotta Portrait Bust of Ancient Greek Poet Sappho Antiquity Plato
A superb and rare terracotta Art Nouveau portrait bust of Sappho, the famous Ancient Greek poetess, sculpted by HL Blasche. There are plaster versi...
Roy Precious - Antiques & Fine Art
Tang or Five Dynasty Xing Conical Bowl
Chinese 9th or 10th white glazed small conical bowl - the type often referred to as Xing. made at the end of the Tang Dynasty or early Five Dynast...
Catherine Hunt Oriental Antiques
Rare Indian Mughal Rock Crystal and Gold Handle with Diamonds Rubies Emeralds
A rare Indian "Mugha"l rock crystal and gold handle with diamonds rubies emeralds Mughal, late 18th century. Very fine quality. Measures: 4" l...
Solomon Treasure
Pair of Framed Lapidarium - specimens of 18 different ancient marbles.
A set of 18 ancient marble specimens mounted and framed as a pair of Lapidarium. The recent gilt frames painted to simulate marble.
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John Bly
Early 19th Century Italian micromosaic of ancient ruins
This fine, masterfully executed micromosaic, dating from around 1810, is crafted from thousands of minute tesserae, and depicts a Classical temple ...
Mayfair Gallery Ltd.
Bronze Mirrors from Ancient China
Since prehistoric times, people have sought a means to see vtheir own image: an first reflected from smooth surface of water, then polished stone, ...
Potterton Books
Indian Terracotta Relief, 5th century
A large terracotta relief depicting a bust in a nice, Indian, Uttar Pradesh, Gupta period, 5th century A.D. This terracotta figure of a deity woul...
Raymond Horneman