Oil on canvas Landscape with figures Nicolas Poussin
Oil on canvas Landscape with figures Nicolas Poussin
Oil on canvas Landscape with figures Nicolas Poussin
Oil on canvas Landscape with figures Nicolas Poussin
Oil on canvas Landscape with figures Nicolas Poussin
Oil on canvas Landscape with figures Nicolas Poussin
Oil on canvas Landscape with figures Nicolas Poussin

Oil on canvas Landscape with figures Nicolas Poussin

17th century Rome Italy

Offered by Riccardo Moneghini

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Oil painting on canvas depicting a landscape with figures of 97 x 128 cm without a frame and 109 x 140 cm framed by the painter Nicolas Poussin, considered one of the greatest representatives of the seventeenth century classicism.

Born in Normandy, from a modest family, Nicolas Poussin, just a teenager refuses the insistence of his father who wants him a lawyer and prefers to devote himself to the study of painting.
Around 1612 he began with some erudition in Rouen, then moved to Paris studying and working in the workshop of Ferdinand Elle, Flemish painter, and then in that of G. Lallemand, where he began to study the works of the French Mannerists of Fontainebleau and those of artists Italian Renaissance, but in particular Leonardo da Vinci and Raffaello Sanzio.

In 1620-1621 he was in Italy, but his stay was interrupted in Florence probably because of his bad health, and only in March 1624, after a stay in Venice, Nicolas Poussin reached Rome where he settled there, remaining there until the end of his days, almost forty years later. For this reason and for the artistic training certainly due to its constant presence in Italy, it is commonly considered the greatest French painter who has worked in Italy.

Even in that of Rome, the affirmation of the art of Nicolas Poussin is slow and difficult, on the other hand the painter invests his time to deepen his knowledge of Raffaello Sanzio also addressing the study of anatomy, a subject much treated in the Renaissance period , just like optics and perspective. Finally around 1630, the most refined and cultured Roman collectors began to appreciate and enhance the works of Nicolas Poussin. Usually in the works of our artist the subjects, who impose themselves on our observation with great discretion, placed in the foreground, are placed in a landscape of exceptional amplitude, which is not the background to the scene but is its protagonist.

Unparalleled landscapes for the balance of plans, shapes and colors; for a skilful contrast of lights and shadows; for the clear air that sculpts things in their objective beauty; incomparable landscapes for the spirit of order, proportion, sweetness contained and wisely distributed in all parts, spirit of quiet harmony: landscapes of which every detail is taken from the truth, while the whole, the poet's ideal creation, is the triumph of the sublime.

Poussin, solitary and great painter, alien to the sensuality of the baroque, appears for the first time in his touching beauty of nature's painter: only landscapes, which at the time of youth have the enamelled colors of the fairy tale and myth and then the heartfelt intonations that accompany the mysterious destiny of man.

This painting was performed around the 1940s when the painter conceived the compositions without thinking of the figures. The painting has typically Roman characters; Poussin reached high qualitative peaks in describing with grace and sensitivity the Roman countryside (here represented the cascades of Tivoli) exhibiting a clear similarity with the works of Filippo Lauri and Gaspard Dughet; the canvas in question is a shining example of his art with a real but idealized view of the Roman countryside interpreted with Arcadian sensitivity and classic Poussinian concreteness where the gaze can penetrate deeply following a rigorous perspective sequence until you see Mount Soratte Tipica in the distance. its construction of the pictorial fabric and the particular atmospheric rendering played with the shaded areas created by the scenic scenes of trees and clouds.

As in this painting, the perfect composition of the landscape became the main object of his work; The tree-lined spots made with free and quick brushstrokes, the burnished warm colors, the atmospheric yield of rising clouds, all in a well-balanced composition of his landscapes of arcadian pastoral taste, are the most significant elements of his painting, all well repurposed even in our canvas.

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Mr. Riccardo Moneghini
Old Master Paintings Expert - Court Expert
excellent state of conservation
Rome, private collection
Height 97.00 cm (38.19 inches)
Width 128.00 cm (50.39 inches)
External Height 109.00 cm (42.91 inches)
External Width 140.00 cm (55.12 inches)
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oil on canvas
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