Childhood of Bacchus - oil canvas child Jan Victors
Childhood of Bacchus - oil canvas child Jan Victors
Childhood of Bacchus - oil canvas child Jan Victors
Childhood of Bacchus - oil canvas child Jan Victors
Childhood of Bacchus - oil canvas child Jan Victors
Childhood of Bacchus - oil canvas child Jan Victors
Childhood of Bacchus - oil canvas child Jan Victors
Childhood of Bacchus - oil canvas child Jan Victors

Childhood of Bacchus - oil canvas child Jan Victors

17th century Amsterdam

Offered by Riccardo Moneghini


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Painting oil on canvas with dimensions of 80 x 120 cm without frame and 93 x 133 with frame depicting the childhood of Bacchus by the painter Jan Victors (Amsterdam 1619 - East Indies 1676).

The painting, in a good state of readability, depicts a half-naked putto holding a glass cup in which a satyr pours red wine; the child has a side and back lka covered by a sheep's fur and has the head and body surrounded by ivy; next to the protagonist we see a sleeping sleeper and two children in a tenderly loving attitude: it is a welcome readjustment of an image linked to the ancient Greek divinity of baby Dionysus, which is identifiable in the putto that receives the wine poured by the satyr.

It will be worth mentioning that the purpose of these enjoyable compositions was usually that of recalling one or more ideas derived from proverbs and moralleglegate mottos: probably in this case, the well-known "Sine Ceres et Bacchus friget venus" - that is, without ceres and bacchus without eating and drinking it cools Venus, that is love; it is a motto derived from the play The Eunuch (verse 4: 732) written by the Latin poet, comedian and playwright Terenzio.

In the easel painting object of our study, whose particular theme was very fashionable in Northern Europe and northern Italy, especially in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, it is inevitable to underline the close connection with the works of similar subjects executed by Jan Victors, Dutch painter rembrandrandt student.

Specializing in the painter of historical subjects, genre and portraits, shows a clear dependence on his teacher, especially in large scenes, with a strong color that seems to spark from the inside. His scenes linked to anecdotes and genre have received a recent appreciation, especially those related to the everyday life of ordinary people, in which there is often a discreet humorous tone.

In his more mature works he adhered to the pictorial language of the so-called Dutch childish painters.

The adhesioine to this original figurative vocabulary, vivid and of great immediacy, allowed him to obtain and complete important artistic commissions for the local and foreign nobility: a rich production of genre paintings in which the Danish master manifests evident links with realism Northern European and with Italian naturalism, a little epidermis of Pietro Bellotti.

It was this peculiar artistic sensibility that allowed the Victors to put into practice a personal style particularly suited to the realization of paintings similar to ours, which in the marked characterization of the portraits persudes anticipates the futures results of very important painters such as Giacomo Cerruti and Cifrondi.

Besides the peculiar chromatic agreements, the style bonds between our painting and the Victors paintings dedicated to similar subjects found at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam or Isaac and Rebecca at the Museum of Fine Art in Budapest are undeniable and different.

Such works resembling the painting examined here had considerable public success; in them Victors shows a careful illustrator of contemporary reality, with provocative ironic implications and uncommon mocking abilities towards the surrounding world.

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Mr. Riccardo Moneghini
Old Master Paintings Expert - Court Expert
Good state of conservation
Amsterdam, private collection
Height 80.00 cm (31.50 inches)
Width 120.00 cm (47.24 inches)
External Height 93.00 cm (36.61 inches)
External Width 133.00 cm (52.36 inches)
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oil on canvas
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