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Royal Dux Deco Style Figure
A late 20th century Royal Dux porcelain Art Deco style figure. The figure is of a naked lady with a dog, the lady is holding a ball. The figu...
Graham Smith Antiques
Pair of Bronze Ladies After Georges Van Der Straeten
A pair of late 19th century bronze young ladies after models by Georges Van Der Straeten. The bronzes are both signed and have a foundry mark fo...
Graham Smith Antiques
Staffordshire Greyhounds spill vase. Thomas Parr factory, c. 1860.
A fine Staffordshire pottery spill vase, c. 1860. Made at the Thomas Parr factory, and modelled as two elegant greyhounds, before a fenced spill va...
Philip Carrol
Pair of 19th Century Royal Worcestor Eastern Water carriers
A good quality pair of late 19th Century Royal Worcester Eastern water carriers.
Patrick Moorhead Antiques
19th Century Meissen Parrots
A good quality pair of Meissen porcelain Parrots perched on a rock by a Lemon tree. Blue crossed swords mark.
Patrick Moorhead Antiques
A Pair of 18th Century Chelsea Porcelain Sweetmeat Figures
A pair of Chelsea sweetmeat figures - both standing beside large oval baskets and holding the covers open, he with a hunting dog at his feet, she w...
MG Ceramics
A Pair of 18th Century Bow Porcelain Figures of Musicians
A pair of 18th Century Bow porcelain figures of Musicians Both raised on high scroll bases and seated on the stumps of flowering trees, the bases ...
MG Ceramics
Antique Bohemian porcelain group by Royal Dux
This delicate porcelain figural group depicts two lovers in a tender embrace. The maiden is fair haired and wears a dress which has fallen from her...
Mayfair Gallery Ltd.
Meissen porcelain nine piece monkey band figure set
This set of nine figures by the important German Meissen porcelain makers was inspired by the famous monkey orchestra produced for Meissen in the 1...
Mayfair Gallery Ltd.
Bronze Study of Two Girls in swim suites, By Ferrille Juan.
An enchanting bronze study of two young girls looking through binoculars. Entitled 'La Decouverte (discovery) Signed Ferrille Juan.
Patrick Moorhead Antiques
Cherubs playing with a Goat, after Clodion
An impressive 19th Century bronze group of Cherubs playing with a Goat, after; Claude Michel Clodion (French, 1738-1814)
Patrick Moorhead Antiques
Large 19th Century Meissen Nodding Budda
A large and impressive 19th Century Meissen porcelain nodding Budda. Having a nodding head, tung and hands. Beautiful classic Meissen painted decor...
Patrick Moorhead Antiques
AMALRIC WALTER (1870-1959)
Chameleon by Amalric Walter
As part of our glass collection we are delighted to offer this impressive <a href="
Hickmet Fine Arts
Antique English pottery figure of a ram with a lion, late 18th century
A rare English pottery pearlware model of a ram standing on a rocky base, a small figure of a lion lies incongruously and charmingly on the base.
John Howard
RENE LALIQUE (1860-1945)
René Lalique Cachet Renard
As part of our glass collection we are delighted to offer this excellent <a href=""...
Hickmet Fine Arts
2 Brown-Westhead & Moore Owl figures as Match holders
2 Brown-Westhead & Moore Owl figures as Match holders
Carolyn Stoddart-Scott
Bergman Bronze Dog Group
As part of our fabulous Vienna bronze collection we are delighted to offer this very rare <a href="
Hickmet Fine Arts
Pottery Model of Yorkshire Boar / Pig
A pottery model of the pig "Hercules", a big thee-year old Yorkshire boar, who was brought to Czechoslovakia to help restore the pig population aft...
Adams Antiques
Late 19th century well coloured oval hen basket
A well coloured 19th century oval hen basket in excellent overall condition.
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
19th century Staffordshire hen basket with enameled decoration
A large Staffordshire 19th century hen basket with partially enameled decoration and lightly gilded on the highlights. Excellent overall condition
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
Small 19th century Staffordshire hen basket
A small Staffordshire 19th-century hen basket with gilded and enameled decoration
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
Early 19th century Ralph Woods type Staffordshire figure of Saint John
An early 19th century Ralph Woods type Staffordshire figure of Saint John. The right arm outstretched and with a bird to the left hand side.
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
Antique English pottery pearlware figure of a cat. Staffordshire pottery early ...
A rare early 19th century pottery pearlware figure of a cat modeled seated on an oval base with pink luster bands. The cat is very expressive with ...
John Howard
Early C20th Figure of Colonial Cricketer - Life size
An unusual early C20th carved wood and painted, life size, colonial cricketer; the flat back standing figure, with original painted decoration, wit...
Gary Wright Antiques Ltd
A wonderful Continental Solid Silver figure of a Cockerel or Rooster with an impressive feathered tail. This Rooster is created with a close attent...
Michael Sedler Antiques Ltd
fine quality mid 19th century French female bronze 'Reflections' by Alexandre S...
A fine quality mid 19th century (1863) French female bronze in the Classical form 'Reflections' by Alexandre Schoenewerk (1820-1885). This bron...
LVS Decorative Arts Ltd.
Orazio Andreoni Marble Statue of Young Girl Drinking from a Shell, 19th Century
A beautifully carved 19th century statue of a young girl sitting on a rock, drinking from a shell, signed; Orazio Andreoni.
Patrick Moorhead Antiques
Venetian Blackamoor Torcha, 19th Century
A good quality 19th century Venetian painted blackamoor figure or torch on stand. Having its original painted decoration and mounted on its origina...
Patrick Moorhead Antiques
A magnificent Solid Silver model of a Golden Pheasant created with a wonderful attention to detail. This Cock Pheasant has an impressive long tail ...
Michael Sedler Antiques Ltd
Japanese Miyao Bronze gentlemen with an umbrella
A very good quality Japanese Meiji period (1868-1912) bronze figure of a gentlemen holding an umbrella. Having gilded highlighted decoration and ra...
Patrick Moorhead Antiques
Antique Staffordshire pottery bocage figure of a female archer, pearlware made e...
Staffordshire pottery pearlware bocage type figure of a female archer holding arrow and bow and standing beside a circular target with a quiver.
John Howard
Antique Staffordshire figure group of musical troubadors made early 19th centry ...
Antique Staffordshire pottery trumpet spill vase with figures of a drumming troubador and harpist. A well modelled and decorated figure group.Earl...
John Howard
An English pottery treacle sponge glazed Lion
An English pottery Lion decorated in treacle sponge glaze
Carolyn Stoddart-Scott
Large 19th century Staffordshire hen basket
A large Staffordshire 19th-century hen basket. The base with an age crack and a chip to the inside of the lid.
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
Late 19th Century Porcelain Figure of a Seated Young Lady
A most attractive and well modelled porcelain figure of a seated young lady. Beautifully decorated.
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
Early saltglaze stoneware pottery Bear Baiting jug mid 18th century England
A rare version of the classic saltglaze bear baiting jug the head detachable as a cup. The banded arms, the button type eyes and the interestingly...
John Howard
Pair of Late 19th Century Water Buffalo
A finely carved pair of Water Buffalo with pommelled skin decoration.
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
Richard the Lion heart cast bronze
Cast bronze figure of Richard the Lion heart by C. Leyrer, Munchen
Greengrass Antiques
North American Indian Vienna Bronze figure
Cold painted Vienna Bronze of North American Indian with headdress and shield. By Bergman
Greengrass Antiques
Antique English Prattware pottery watch stand c1810 period
English pottery watch stand of unusual and very rare form. The watch holder is supported by a plinth with a mask head water fountain with a female ...
John Howard
19th Century Seated Maiden on a Stepped Black Marble Base
A bronze 19th century seated maiden on a stepped black marble, beautifully modelled with the softest of gilded highlights, original surface and col...
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
Antique pottery pearlware figure of a ram Staffordshire England early 19th centu...
Pearlware Staffordshire pottery figure of a ram with exceptional colouring. This hollow based piece dates to the early 19th century the ram is unus...
John Howard
Meissen porcelain figure of a Lady Shepherdess, circa 1755
Meissen porcelain figure of a Lady Shepherdess, circa 1755, modelled by Johan Joachim Kaendler, the seated figure clothed in a turquoise bodice and...
Guest and Gray
Japanese Bronze figure of a farmer.Meiji period
A fine quality late 19th Century (Meiji period 1868-1912) Japanese Bronze statue of a farmer. Wearing a Sedge hat and carry his crop of Daikon (Win...
Patrick Moorhead Antiques
Alabaster statue of Children playing by Aug. Moreau
A fine 19th Century carved Alabaster statue of children playing, signed; Aug. Moreau
Patrick Moorhead Antiques
ORAZIO ANDREONI, Marble statue of Pandora.
A beautifully carved 19th Century marble statue of Pandora, signed ;ORAZIO ANDREONI, (ITALIAN, 19TH C.)
Patrick Moorhead Antiques
Meissen Porcelain Figure Group of the Drunken Silenus. 19th Century
A Meissen Porcelain Figure Group of the Drunken Silenus, late 19th century, after the model by F E Meyer, the slumped figure on the back of an ass ...
Patrick Moorhead Antiques
19th Century bronzed Figure of a street urchin
19th Century bronzed white metal Figure of a street urchin holding a cigar in one hand and match in other, in typical dress. Raised up on marble ba...
Shackladys Antiques