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Scottish Horn and Silver Snuff Mull - Antique Circa 1820
This exceptional antique Scottish silver snuff mull has been modelled in the form of a seal. The antique horn body of this seal snuff mull fea...
AC Silver
Large 19th Century Model Cannon
A fine large model cannon with a 40cm four stage brass barrel at the muzzle. A pair of plain trunnions on its brass mounted oak carriage. Fitted wi...
Taylor-Smith Antiques
WWI 4.5inch chemical shell, De Dion Bouton
Here we have a clock which combines strange aesthetic beauty with moral bankruptcy, quite poignant for today’s times. This is a 4.5 inch chemi...
Carlton Clocks Ltd.
Solid Silver Flask & Beaker of Tapering Form with Family Crest.The Beaker fits into the Flask with interlocking top. The Beaker is Gilt inside. ...
John Bull (Antiques) Ltd
Henry Wilkinson Pall Mall London Officers Naval Sword Provenance Sir Julian Tolv...
Numbered 42665 This sword is direct from the family with no restorations. Various inscriptions and fine detailing. Total length of sword
Roger Bradbury Antiques
18th / 19th century Indian Mughal dagger with dark green jade pistol hilt inlaid with gold inlay. With a fine slightly curved blade and raised cent...
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Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd
Antique George V Royal Artillery Officers Sword John Blair
A superb George V Royal Artillery officers sword in leather mounted scabbard, circa 1910 in date. The sword features a silvered openwork and sha...
Regent Antiques
Antique Naval Officers Sword Wilkinson c.1897
A superb Naval officers sword by Henry Wilkinson, Pall Mall, London, retailed by Gieves Ltd of London, circa 1897 in date. The sword features a ...
Regent Antiques
Antique Naval Officers Sword by Wilkinson, Shagreen c.1897
A superb Victorian officers sword in leather mounted scabbard by Henry Wilkinson, Pall Mall, London, retailed by Gieves Ltd of London, dated 1897. ...
Regent Antiques
A fine pair of 22 bore brass mounted flintlock pistols
A pair of brass mounted 22 bore gentleman's holster pistols with two stage barrels signed on the lock by T.Pocock. The walnut stocks with with chas...
Antique silver Edwardian Butt Marker with Combined Cartridge Extractor
Edwardian silver shooting Butt Marker for 10 guns with combined cartridge exctractor
Silverman Antiques Ltd.
A fine hollow ground dagger with walrus ivory double plate hilt, the very fine ground watered blade tapering to a fine tip, inlaid with gold koftga...
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Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd
Bronze Cannon
A splendid, imposing pair of bronze signal cannon mounted on dark oak carriages with lignum vitae wheels. English circa 1830. Barrels length 21...
Rare silver & ivory Victorian launching axe
A Victorian ivory and silver presentation launching axe, by Messrs Barnards, London 1873, the head of engraved silver, sandwiching a steel blade, ...
Vine Antiques Ltd.
Fenland cross bow with goats foot lever
A superb example of a fenland crossbow with goats foot lever for loading. good metal work and fine patination
A Cased pair of Officers rifled belt pistols
A fine pair of 40 bore officers percussion belt pistols by Parker the damascus barrels with seven grove rifling
A Collection Of 10 Chinese Ceremonial Spears
A fine set of ten polished brass ceremonial spears each with different and unusually elaborate symbolic spear heads representing good fortune, powe...
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Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd
A pair of 18th century flintlock overcoat pistols
A small pair of French overcoat flintlock pistols with cannon barrels signed Terrat on the engraved locks.
Superb brass barrelled flintlock blunderbuss
An early 19th century walnut stocked blunderbuss with unusual chequered grip on the fine coloured stock, the three stage brass barrel with spring b...
A flintlock overcoat pistol
A good example of a 25 bore flintlock overcoat pistol with chequered butt and octagonal barrel, the lock with foliate engraving sighed Wallis. Bir...
A fine flintlock blunderbuss with brass barrel and lock
A fine example of a brass staged barrel blunderbuss by Ketland, London with a signed brass lock. In original unrestored condition. Fully brass moun...
A cased pair of box-lock pistols in superb condition
A fine cased pair of 54 bore percussion pistols with blued octagonal barrels and engraved brass actions signed Reynolds, the walnut stocks with lio...
A rifled barrel duelling pistol in fine condition
A good example of a 19th century percussion 35 bore duelling pistol with a browned octagonal barrel engraved newcastle, the foliated engraved flat ...
A superb pair of silver mounted flintlock holster pistols
A pair of 20 bore flintlock holster pistols the octagonal barrels with fine chased silver inlaid decoration, the locks and cocks all with foliated ...
A fine pair of silver inlaid box-lock pistols
A pair of silver inlaid 54 bore box-lock pistols by Elston of Doncaster, the walnut butts inlaid with silver wire, with sliding trigger guard safet...
Pair Of Polished Steel 9 Pound Model Cannon
A pair of late 19th century polished steel model cannon mounted on ebonised carriages.
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Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd
Superb model of an Armstrong 12 pounder field gun
A fine scale model of an Armstrong 12 pounder field gun on original carriage, showing the breach loading system introduced in 1859. The bronze ba...
A decorative pair of sword hilt candlesticks
A pair of late 19th century sword hilt candlesticks with spur feet
19th Century Victorian Sterling Silver Antique Hip Flask Birmingham 1897 C H Che...
A very elegant and highly collectable 19th century silver hip flask plain formed in design with bayonet action clasp lid. The flask has an elegant...
Paul Bennett
DESCRIPTION Antique mid-19th Century very rare Persian, Qajar polychrome enamelled gold cane handle, of tapering cylindrical form, decorated wit...
Pushkin Antiques Ltd
Scaled model of a British Artillery Field Cannon by Wheatley Kirk and Co
a fine mahogany and nickel plated scaled model of a British Artillery field Cannon by Whatley Kirk and co. Circa 1899
Wick Antiques Ltd
Antique Indian steel dagger with gold engraved decoration
The fine dagger with a silk lined scabbard and decorated in the Koftgari manner, with engraved gold depictions of flowers and foliage.
Mayfair Gallery Ltd.
Maori Toki Hard Stone Axe Tribal
A finely carved wooden MAORI Toki with hard stone (axe). The handle wonderfully carved showing a face with open mouth the handle is the tongue of...
Koos Limburg Jnr Scotland
Large steel and silver Japanese decorative sword
The large sword with a steel blade, the silver case embellished with erotic scenes in miniature; the sword's handle in the shape of a rosette with ...
Mayfair Gallery Ltd.
Kanak New Caledonian Bird Beaked War Club
A Fine Kanak New Caledonian Bird Beaked War Club Silky smooth light brown patina 19th Century Size: 70.5cm high - 27¾ ins high / 71cm high - ...
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Finch & Co
Antique Folk Art Pair of 19th Century Pine Ceremonial Axes
An unusual pair of stained and polished pine ceremonial axes, gilded with initials J.W. and C.E. and N. and dated 1881. These axes belonged to the ...
J. Collins & Son
royal provenance a Dutch art nouveau Sable stand dated 1902
R O Y A L P R O V E N A N C E Palace Noordeinde The Hague, The Netherlands By: CHRIS WEGERIF The Netherlands A unique, very decorative...
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Koos Limburg Jnr Scotland
A £50 Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund sword awarded to Capt. James Boxer
A £50 Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund sword awarded to Capt. James Boxer, the shagreen scabbard and ivory handle richly mounted in silver gilt with si...
Wick Antiques Ltd
Silver, gold and mother-of-pearl inlaid walnut wheellock rifle
Made for the Ottoman market, decorated with geometric patterns, Arabic script and landscape scenes of animals, flowers and hunters. This stunnin...
Mayfair Gallery Ltd.
Victorian Saddle Flask with Leather Holster. London 1875
Attractive Victorian tapering glass saddle flask with sterling silver collar and bayonet lid enclosed by a contemporary leather holster with straps...
Sanda Lipton
Pair of Bronze Deck Cannon
Depth (Length): 27.5 inches (70cm) Barrel Length: 26 inches (66cm) With brass stoppers. On original trunions and mahogany carriages. Complete w...
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Thomas Coulborn & Sons
Antique George V Sterling Silver Hip Flask
This exceptional antique George V sterling silver hip flask has a plain rectangular rounded form. This impressive 1920s flask has a subtly curve...
AC Silver
Georgian Leather Powder Bucket
An early 19th century Georgian leather gun powder bucket. The leather bucket has a brass rim and two rows of rivets down the side and around t...
Graham Smith Antiques
Antique Indian Silver Hip Flask with Leather Case
This exceptional antique Indian 900 standard silver hip flask has an oval rounded form. The surface of this antique silver hip flask is plain an...
AC Silver
Late 18th century Lantaka bronze cannon barrel
A late 18th century Lantaka bronze cannon barrel with flared barrel and typical decoration. Now hinged on an iron stand.
Wick Antiques Ltd
Silver and Crocodile Hip Flask.
Antique high quality Silver and Crocodile Hip Flask. London Silversmith Harry Atkin 1923. Engraved with HRH from DMW and dated 5 10 29.The silver h...
Sally Turner Antiques
Caucasian Dagger Kinjal Kama
A 19th century short sword, Georgian, with repousse and engraved silver handle and scabbard with further nielo decoration. Three of the bosses are ...
Yew Wood & Horn Mounted Longbow
Bow with bold hand grip and impressed No. 12. Fine colour and patination. English, circa 1860 - 1900, a period when archery became a very popular ...
Baggott Church Street Ltd