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A George III unmarked silver Girls' School Prize.
A George III feather edge engraved School Prize Medal, engraved on one side 'Mrs. Hardings Boarding School Brompton House,...
Peter Cameron
A George IV School Prize Medal.
A George IV School Prize Medal, London 1823, William Kingdon. Engraved on one side 'A tribute for distinguished Merit to A...
Peter Cameron
A George III prize for Penmanship.
A George III School Prize Medal, London 1811, Thomas Johnson: engraved on one side 'Penmanship' and on the other 'Bocking ...
Peter Cameron
A Prize Medal from Miss Salter's Girls' School.
An early 19th century unmarked silver School Prize Medal, engraved on one side 'Reward of Merit 1836' and on the reverse '...
Peter Cameron
A 17th century Locket
A Charles I Royalist's Memento Mori Locket, circa 1650, commemorating the death of Charles, executed in 1648. The outside engraved 'I live and dy i...
Peter Cameron
Antique Victorian Gold Silver Albert With Medallion Circa 1880
This fabulous Victorian Albert necklace is spectacular set in 18ct Gold glided on Silver. Each link is hallmarked, leading to a fabulous solid m...
The Antique Jewellery Group
VICTORIAN Copper Coach Plate - Smith Cuninghame Family
A fine example of a late-nineteenth century copper coach plate attributed to a member of the Smith Cuninghame Family of Caprington Castle, Kilmarno...
Sanda Lipton
VICTORIAN Rare Silver Metropolitan Police Pass
Very fine and rare VICTORIAN Silver Metropolitan Police Pass. In the mid-nineteenth century, this item was originally called a ‘carriage pass...
Sanda Lipton
WILLIAM WYON (1795-1851)
A George IV Horticultural Medal.
The Horticultural Society of London. A medal depicting Joseph Banks, by W. Wyon. Engraved on the reverse as a Prize Medal ...
Peter Cameron
1648/49 CHARLES I Very Rare Silver Gilt Memorial Death Medal.
Very rare silver gilt medal denoting the death of Charles I. This medal was beautifully cast and chased in 1649 by Thomas Rawlins, a pupil of Nich...
Sanda Lipton
CHARLES II Silver Heart Shaped Locket. London circa 1662
Charming CHARLES II silver heart shaped locket, celebrating the marriage of Charles II & Catherine of Braganza. Maker's mark beginning with the le...
Sanda Lipton
An Anglesey Hunt Badge
Anglesey Hunt. A commemorative hunt badge in the form of a frosted silver horn applied with a hound, London 1888, GC, poss...
Peter Cameron
A George III silver Dog Couple for the Carnarvon Hunt.
A George III silver and couple for a pair of dogs, George Lowe, Chester, 1816. The silver links engraved: 'William Wynne S...
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Peter Cameron
GEORGE IV Silver Sea-Coal Meter Badge.
Interesting GEORGE IV Silver Sea-Coal Meter Badge. Unmarked. Maker's mark AD stamped on the ring attachment. England circa 1824. The badge is o...
Sanda Lipton
VICTORIAN Silver Worshipful Company of Fishmongers' Badge by Reily & Storer. Lon...
Striking VICTORIAN silver badge for the Worshipful Company of Fishmongers. Makers: Charles Reily & George Storer. London circa 1841 This badge i...
Sanda Lipton
William IV Silver Castle Top Card Case Newstead Abbey with Lord Byron Medallion
A fine quality William IV silver "Castle Top" Card Case of rectangular form with intricately foliate scroll pierced sides, the face with a panel ch...
Steppes Hill Farm Antiques Ltd
George 111, Protector of the Arts, Silver Medal,
George 111, Protector of the Arts, silver medal, 1760, by Thomas Pingo, laureate bust of George 111 profile left, GEORGE 111, rev. George 111 in Ro...
Timothy Millett Ltd.
Death of Princess Charlotte, silver medal,
Death of Princess Charlotte, silver medal, 1817, by T. Webb and G. Mills, bust of Princess Charlotte with hair decorated with roses, H. R. H. PRINC...
Timothy Millett Ltd.
Accession of George 111, , silver medal,
Accession of George 111, , silver medal, 1760, by T. Pingo, shoulder length bust of George 111 with hair tied back profile left, rev. Britannia sea...
Timothy Millett Ltd.
Accession of George IV, , silver gilt medal,.
Accession of George IV, , silver gilt medal, 1820, by Rundell, Bridge and Rundell, laureate draped bust of George IV turned left, rev. inscription ...
Timothy Millett Ltd.
Coronation of George IV, , silver medal, 1821,
Coronation of George IV, , silver medal, 1821, by J. G. Hancock, laureate bust of George Iv profile left, GEORGE IV ASCENDED THE BRITISH THRONE JAN...
Timothy Millett Ltd.
Coronation of Queen Charlotte, silver medal, 1761,
Coronation of Queen Charlotte, silver medal, 1761, L. Natter, draped bust of Queen Charlotte right hair held in a flat beaded ribbon with L. N. F b...
Timothy Millett Ltd.
William Banting's Writing Prize.
An early Victorian Writing Prize in the form of a Quill Pen, London 1839, Rawlings and Summers. The spine of the quill is ...
Peter Cameron
A Masonic Jewel.
A Victorian Masonic Treasurer's Key Collar Jewel, part marked by Joseph Willmore, Birmingham, 1841 [lacking lion passant a...
Peter Cameron
A Prize for Robert Peel.
Sir Robert Peel [1788-1850; Prime Minister 1835-6 and 1841-6]. A silver Prize Medal from Whalley Agriculture Society, ins...
Peter Cameron
WEBSTER Antique Sterling Silver Scottish Clan Badge.
WEBSTER antique sterling silver Scottish Clan Badge. Maker: HT. Edinburgh 1914 Motto: 'EMERGO' Width: 1.7 inches (4.3cm) Height: 1.9 inc...
Sanda Lipton
STUART Antique Sterling Silver Scottish Clan Badge.
STUART antique sterling silver Scottish Clan Badge. Maker: Peter G Wilson. Inverness circa 1880. Motto: 'VIRESCIT' Width: 2.1 inches (5.3...
Sanda Lipton
ALEXANDER Antique Sterling Silver Scottish Clan Badge by McKenzie and Co.
ALEXANDER Antique Sterling Silver Scottish Clan Badge. Maker: McKenzie and Co. INVERNESS. Circa 1905. Motto: 'PER MARE PER TERRAS' Rare mark...
Sanda Lipton
ALLAND Antique Silver Scottish Clan Badge
ALLAND Antique Sterling Silver Scottish Clan Badge. Circa 1880. Fairbairn's Book of Crests only shows the bear's paw. Motto: 'SUPERNA SEQUOR...
Sanda Lipton
Victorian Antique Silver Gilt Clan Badge with STERRY Crest
Victorian antique silver gilt clan badge with STERRY crest. Barkingside, Essex. Circa 1870-1890. It was the 'done thing' for a landed family of...
Sanda Lipton
A wonderful Antique Victorian Silver Golf Medal shoing a reief images of a golfer swinging a club on the one side. The other side has a relief wrea...
John Bull (Antiques) Ltd
A North Yorkshire School Badge.
An early 18th century unmarked School Badge for the Old School in Well, North Yorkshire, circa 1724: the badge formed as t...
Peter Cameron
A Selkirk School Prize.
A Scottish oval School Prize Medal, maker's mark only three times, awarded to William Lang of Selkirk School for Greek writing in 1836.<span id="cu...
Peter Cameron
A Leith School Prize
A George III oval Scottish School Prize, 'Presented by the Magistrates of Leith to the Dux of the First Class in Elocution...
Peter Cameron
A still life of a plaster bas-relief of the head of a child, a bronze medallion,...
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John Bennett Fine Paintings
An Eisteddfod Medal
A Medal engraved for the Llangollen Eisteddfod, London, 1858, Robert Garrard.
Peter Cameron
William Shakespeare, Silver Medal
William Shakespeare, silver laudatory medal, 1842, W. J. Taylor, draped bare head bust of William Shakespeare facing holding quill pen and resting...
Timothy Millett Ltd.
A Banff Masonic Jewel
Banff. A silver Masonic Jewel, with engraved script initials, maker's mark 'AP', unidentified, circa 1790. This rare mar...
Peter Cameron
Three 18th century Masonic Jewels
A group of three unmarked Masonic Jewels, dated for 1782 and 1783, one engraved with a lodge number '362', and two with sc...
Peter Cameron
Victorian Scottish clan badge with McArther crest
Interesting Victorian sterling silver Scottish clan badge. Circa 1890. Not hallmarked. The front of the badge has the cut out crest of two laurel b...
Sanda Lipton
Mirror in tortoiseshell with solid silver medallions, Antwerp, 17th century
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J.M. Zeberg
A Victorian Gymnastics Medal
A Victorian Scottish Prize Medal, maker's mark only 'J. Law' of Edinburgh, 1850, engraved with a presentation inscription ...
Peter Cameron
A Putney School Prize
A Victorian engraved School prize medal for Putney School, London 1859, Richards and Brown. Presented to 'Maria Greenhow, ...
Peter Cameron
An Artificers' Guild Trowel
Artificers' Guild. A steel, wood and stone set silver Trowel, in original case, presented for the opening of Wilbrampton ...
Peter Cameron
Two 17th century Plaques
Two rectangular 17th century Plaques depicting scenes from the New Testament, probably German circa 1670. Later struck with two 19th century French...
Peter Cameron
An 18th Century Society Medal
An 18th Century oval Society Medal, circa 1780, engraved on one side with a pair of clasped hands below a banner 'The Friendly Bachelors'; engraved...
Peter Cameron
Scottish Curling Society Medal
Dudingston Curling Society. A Scottish curling medal circa 1810.Dudingston Curling Society. Struck on one side and engra...
Peter Cameron
George IV silver Medal
A George IV Medal, London 1824, by Rebecca Emes and Edward Barnard, engraved on one side 'This Medal with Five Pounds, was...
Peter Cameron