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Farcot Conical Mystery Mantel Clock
An extremely rare and beautiful French conical pendulum clock, featuring the mechanism patented by the famed clockmaker Eugène Farcot. Designed wi...
M. S. Rau Antiques
Early 20th century mystery clock
c.1925 French Mahogany Mystery Turtle Clock Inv. #: f252 A. Cadot, Place Dauphine. A rare early 20th century French mystery turtle clock...
Sundial Farm Antique Clocks
Antique French glass dial mystery clock.
c.1900 Extremely Rare French Patinated Bronze Two Handed Glass Dial Mystery Clock. Inv. #: f187 Sculptor – Victorin Subatier Clockmaker ...
Sundial Farm Antique Clocks
Mid-19th century bronze glass dial mystery clock by Robert-Houdin
c.1850 Rare and Unusual Triple Mystery Clock Robert-Houdin c.1850 French ormolu triple mystery clock by the eminent maker Robert-Houdin. The...
Sundial Farm Antique Clocks
Antique Ansonia Mystery Clock
Ansonia Figural Mystery Ball Swinging Clock. French cast spelter standing figure of huntress woman holding a post in her right hand from which th...
David Wolfenden Antiques
19th Century Bronzed Spelter Mystery clock
A very good quality French Bronzed Spelter mystery clock, depicting a classically draped women carrying an urn with flowers and fruit. The eight d...
Patrick Moorhead Antiques